Why you should replace your Apple Computer Display

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It’s Cheap (relatively)

You are obviously a Mac owner if you are reading this article and you know that Apple products are not cheap. You’ve probably dished over $2,000 for a MacBook Pro and are super angry that your cat pushed the laptop off the table. I know, not all Apple fans have cats, and cats are not that strong, but you get my point (right?). Basically whether it was your cat, your (unplanned) kid, or your ex, you’ve now got a cracked screen.

Don’t worry they are not that expensive, well compared to the computer. Depending on the model of your laptop, apple computer displays can range from $130 to about $500. Considering how expensive Mac computers can be, replacing the screen is a good alternative to getting another computer. If you want to check our low prices of Mac computer displays, click below:


You Can Install It Yourself (maybe)!

A person slowly closes the lid of their apple computer and throw it out of the windowIf you do a quick Youtube search, you’ll find bunch of videos on how to replace your mac display. If you are good at this type of stuff, then the next step would be to purchase the right tools. This includes special screwdrivers and other weird looking tools that you probably don’t have laying around the house as part of your tool-set. However, if you’ve never done computer repair, be forewarned; you may end up breaking your whole computer.



Let A Professional Fix It For You

Maybe you’re too lazy, maybe you don’t have time, or maybe you’d rather binge watch a Netflix show, whatever your reason is, it’s a good idea to let a professional fix your broken Mac. No matter how well you follow directions, there could always be a chance for misstep which could cost your computer and the new display you just purchased. So why risk it? There are many shops out there that can replace your laptop’s display but just make sure it’s a company you trust. Call the company and ask a few questions from the technician to make sure they don’t outsource it to somewhere else. Here at AppleVTech, we don’t outsource our repairs, everything we get from our customers, we fix ourselves. If you have a broken Mac, give us a call and we’ll help you right away. I hope this article wasn’t a complete waste of your time, and if it was, we’re sorry we took away from your Netflix binge watching time.

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