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How to go from Apple Computer Hard Drive to SSD

A close of photo of a computer hard drive the words "How to go from Apple Computer Hard Drive to SSD" printed on top left corner of the image

Has your Mac gotten slower over the years? Are you losing bets with your PC/Windows friends when comparing computer start-up time (who does that)? In this guide I will go over the steps on how to change your original mac hard drive for a brand new SSD (Solid State Drive). I’m not going to go […]

The Not So Helpful Guide in Replacing Your Apple Logic Board (13” Macbook Pro)

A photo of a computer with an orange banner over it saying "The not so helpful guide in replacing your Apple Logic Board"

You should absolutely read this section: “But I thought Apple computers never break!”. Nope, all good things must come to an end (I probably heard this in an episode of the Netflix’s Series of Unfortunate Events). Yes, even Mac logic boards, or motherboards die out. I wonder why they call them motherboards, why not fatherboards […]

To Replace or Not to Replace Apple Graphic Card

a picture of an apple with a graphic card photoshopped into it

We recently came across a forum where a user was asking the community whether they should replace their iMac video card or get a new Apple computers. First off, we’re intrigued that this person has been using his 2011 27 inch iMac for a quite a while, especially since he put so much into it […]

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